Monday, 11 March 2013



I have compiled together a list of what I deem to be the best and highest paying GPT sites for the UK. Many people from the UK will be discouraged from GPTs as a lot of sites do not have a consistent stream of offers available to them. In general these sites are catered to an American audience but there are still ways to make money online if you're from the UK. All the links and sites have been personally tested by me and I have been paid many times and earned a lot of prizes.


Probably the best site around, they give you the equivalent of $2.50 just for signing up(the equivalent of about £1.50). You complete daily surveys, play games and submit your email address to earn 'points'. These points are redeemed for ANYTHING on and you can also order Argos gift cards, Xbox points/membership, PSN points and many more.

The below sites are now unfortunately either non functional or not accepting UK members. For an update to date list for 2015 please refer to Cashseek which lists legitimate ways to make money in the UK from home


A site which pays you instant paypal straight away from signing up, it's one of the most well established GPT sites that has a history for paying it's large userbase FAST. A lot of UK offers and offerwalls aswell as daily surveys means this site makes the grade.


Another top site, it pays significantly more than the average site. I've tested this site and been paid many times and it kept my interest as it's constantly updated and offers a lot to UK users. A trusted site with a friendly admin!

If you need advice on filling in offers and for the chance to win money please visit